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Jan. 31st, 2013 02:50 pm
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Title: Right By Your Side
Pairing: Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This is made up and done for the purpose of entertainment, not profit
Warnings: nothing particularly (unless you don't know the result yet)
Summary: Andy saves his tears at the Australian Open for the locker room
A/N: I had to work throughh my feelings somehow, didn't I?
Word count: 573

Andy drops down onto the bench in the locker room. He shouldn’t, of course- he probably won’t be able to get up for hours now- but he’s lost the ability to care. He leans his head back and tries to breathe deeply, but ends up with a series of shaky, shallow breaths instead. He absent-mindedly starts rifling through his bags in the hopes of finding something to distract himself with. He freezes when he finds a post-it note with a heart drawn on it, tucked underneath one of his shirts. It’s from Novak, he knows this without a doubt, and he takes a few seconds to wonder exactly how and when Novak got this into his bag before he starts crying so harshly that it’s already burning the back of his throat. He’s still crying when Novak walks into the locker room several minutes later.

Novak stops and stares at Andy for a minute. He wants to make it better, to hold Andy until the tears stop, but it’s far too soon for him to be able to do that (it’s too soon for anyone to be able to do that, but for him of course it will take longer).

Andy knows when Novak walks into the room, but it’s a few minutes before he can bring himself to look up. He blinks a couple of times and then just stares at Novak.

Novak nods and gives Andy the briefest of smiles- that’s about as comforting as Andy will let him be right now- before walking through to the showers.

Andy watches Novak leave and then runs a hand down his face. He knows it will get better, that at some point today, maybe soon if he’s lucky, this will all stop hurting, but right now it’s all still too much.


Andy can’t sleep, but it’s not really a surprise so he’s finding plenty of things to occupy his time. His thoughts drift back to Novak more often than he would like and he’s finally able to smile at those thoughts again. He stares at the post-it note (it’s stuck on the desk just in front of his trophy) for what feels like hours before reaching over and grabbing a piece of the hotel paper and a pen from the bedside table. He clicks the pen several times before scrawling a smiley face on the paper. He’s intending to stand up so he can find his way over to Novak’s hotel room and hand him this or even just push it under the door, but even thinking about moving right now is too much of an effort. Instead, he takes a picture of the paper on his phone and texts it to Novak. He climbs into bed, feeling much more at ease with everything, and closes his eyes.


Andy wakes up at some point during the night with Novak plastered against his side and muttering softly in his sleep. He turns over so that he’s facing Novak and just watches Novak for a few minutes. He wonders briefly how Novak got here and when, but soon enough that really doesn’t matter. He presses a brief kiss to Novak’s lips before settling against Novak and closing his eyes. He’s asleep within seconds; he’s finally back to a place where everything makes sense again and where trophies are the last thing on his mind because he already has everything he could ever need.
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