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Feb. 25th, 2013 02:36 pm
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Title: Over an End
Pairing: Andy Murray/Roger Federer
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is made up and done for the purpose of entertainment, not profit
Warnings: angry Roger (because that's a legit warning, right?), potential retirement talk
Summary: Andy and Roger in the aftermath of the Olympic final
A/N: This was just supposed to be Roger freaking out about wearing red at Wimbledon, but then it turned into a bit more too
Word count: 539

When Andy finally gets back to the locker room, he stands back by the door just watching Roger for a few minutes. He jumps when he sees Roger punch the wall and then rip his shirt off. He drops his bags to the floor and takes a step forward.

Roger stops when he hears Andy and glances back over his shoulder. He shakes his head.

“It’s wrong.”

“What is?”

“Red at Wimbledon.”

Andy smiles fondly. He wants to kiss Roger for how utterly adorable he sounded right there so he does. He strides across the locker room, takes Roger’s face in his hands and presses a soft kiss to Roger’s lips.

Roger frowns slightly when Andy pulls back, but then sighs lightly and leans in towards Andy.

Andy wraps his arms around Roger and holds him tightly.

“I think you look good in red.”

“That doesn’t count- you think I look good in anything.” Roger pulls away again and looks at Andy. “I could put my shirt back on, if you’d like.”

“I wouldn’t go that far. I think you ruined your shirt anyway.”

“I have spares.”

“Of course you do.” Andy gently strokes Roger’s cheek with his thumb. “Don’t bother, yeah?”

Roger smiles softly and leans in towards Andy again. He buries his head in Andy’s neck and mutters something a few minutes later.

“I didn’t get that.”

Roger turns his head to the other side.

“I said you deserved this.”

Andy smiles brightly.

“Thank you.” Andy is quiet for a few seconds. “I’m sor…”

“Don’t be.” Roger presses a kiss to Andy’s shoulder. “Never apologise for playing well, for winning, for being better, for…”

“For making you sad?”

Roger sighs lightly.

“It’s nice that you’d want to, but please don’t.” Roger closes his eyes. “I thought… Everyone misses out on one thing they really want, don’t they?”

“You’re not missing out- you just have to wait a bit longer.”

“No. Not this time. I’m too old to come back again.”

“Don’t say that. You’ll make it.”

“I think it’s time to leave it for you young ones.”

“No, you…”

Roger pulls back slightly and presses a kiss to Andy’s cheek.

“It’s one tournament in four years- you will still have plenty more opportunities to beat me.”

“I…” Andy looks down and frowns slightly. “I can’t beat everyone.”

“You just have.”

“Not when it really counts.”

“This counts, Andy, and even if you don’t think so you can still do it the rest of the time. Why do you not believe in yourself?”

“I’ve got you to do it for me.” Andy tries to laugh, but can’t quite manage it. “I don’t know.”

“You need to remember. When you get to the worst, remember today and what you can do.”

Andy looks down and tries to blink back the tears he can feel forming in his eyes.

Roger shifts a little closer to Andy and puts his hand on the back of Andy’s neck.

“Now, come on- they’re waiting for us and you have a very important prize to collect.”

“Yeah,” Andy mutters. He looks up at Roger and smiles as best he can. “You really are going to have to put on a shirt for this though.”
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