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Title: What About Now?
Character: Lance Armstrong (mentions of others too, but it's all from Lance's POV so it's just him really)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is made up and done for the purpose of entertainment, not profit
Warnings: swearing, mentions of doping
Summary: Lance doesn't keep his jerseys forever
A/N: I don't even really know where this came from- it popped into my head earlier so I wrote it all down and am now posting super-quickly, which is why there might be some mistakes. Apolgies
Word count: 259

There was a time when seven yellow jerseys hung in Lance’s home- he would look at them, remember and smile- but they’re gone now; they’re gone to seven different places, to seven different people.

To his ex-wife:

I know it doesn’t mean anything anymore, but it used to mean everything. It still took effort and pain and tears and it still led to joy and happiness and love and I wouldn’t have any of it without you.

To his mother:

I’m sorry for ever letting you down.

To Cav:

It’s the only one you’re missing.

To Brad:

You’re doing it the right way when so many of us never could, when I never could. You deserve this more than I ever did. I’m sorry that I’m the reason you have to answer all of those questions for this generation, but you can do this- what they say never matters in the end, it’s all down to you.

To Greg LeMond:

Looks like you finally got everything you wanted.

To Andy:

You can do it and you can do it right. Don’t waste anything- not your chances or your ability or your life. Win.

To Alberto:

This was the very thing I wore the first time I ever met you. I should have known then how much trouble you’d cause me, but I suppose I was in denial about that as well as so many other things. Take it now- maybe even this should have been yours all along too. Don’t fuck it up, not again. No one deserves that.
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