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I've recently (yeesterday) completed a full re-watch of both shows so I thought it'd be nice to do a bit of reflection

-Buffy/Angel was not one of the great romances. It would never have worked out, but they were so obviously important to each other and I think maybe this made them cling to each long after the romantic feelings were really gone
-I do prefer Buffy with a redeemed Spike, but I'm not stupid enough to believe they would have worked out either
-I saw nothing on the show to make me believe Angel and Cordy were ever in love
-I much preferred Fred with Gunn than I did with Wesley
-It seemed all the character development of Angel on his own show went right out of the window when he guest starred on Buffy again
-I hate the way everyone seemed to think Spike was somehow worse than Angel or less of a hero. Spike went out and got his own soul back (although the way the end of season six is, it views like he's just trying to get the chip out) and Angel had his forced back on him. Apparently, that doesn't count and neither does anything he did in season 7 of Buffy because he did it all for Buffy
-The ending of Angel season 5 pisses me off to no end. I like things to be much more clear than that
-The Angel/Spike chemistry in season 5 of Angel reads like unresolved sexual tension or post-break up tension
-Season 4 of Buffy really grew on me
-Season 6 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel were clearly the weakest of the run
-Willow kind of pissed me off later on. Like she got all that magic and suddenly she thought she knew better
-Giles in season 7 of Buffy was kind of a dick
-Kennedy has no redeeming qualities whatsoever
-The way everyone treated Buffy in 'Empty Places' was absolutely disgusting. They wanted her to be the general and make the hard decisions until she went out and did and suddenly that wasn't good enough. Did they really think Faith leading would be any different? Clearly, she made bad choices that got girls hurt and blown up to so why was Buffy so wrong? She knew the right thing to do and they should have followed her and not kicked her out of her own goddam house.
-More than that, though, I hate the way Buffy seems to forget this right away and forgive everyone. I would never have gone back. I don't think any of them deserved it
-I didn't totally hate Dawn. Yes, she was annoying at first, as teenage girls often are, but she definitely grew
-I didn't hate Connor either. At least, not completely, and I wish he had more scenes with 'Darla'
-I really wish Harmony hadn't come back for Angel
-I thought Riley was a pretty nice guy all round, though obviously he and Buffy would never have worked out either. I don't think Buffy can ever really be happy with anyone else. At least not the Buffy we saw on the show(s)
-Warren was a terrible person, not that he deserved to die like that, but I don't think he would ever have been redeemed
-Lindsey deserved to die. Not least of all for the utterly horrible way he impersonated Doyle in season 5

I think I had more thoughts than that, but none are coming to me now. I'll come back and edit this if anymore occur to me
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