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Title: We've Still Got it All
Pairing: Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is made up and done for the purpose of entertainment, not profit
Warnings: vague references to sex
Summary: Roger tries to reassure Rafa
A/N: I almost forgot I actually had this one finished :S Anyhow, it's 'Story 07' on my [ profile] narrative_x_10 table.
Word count: 610

When you wake up, everything seems right- Roger’s arms wrapped tightly around you and his breath ruffling your hair, everything in its place on your bedside table and the smile on your face- but you can’t stop the uneasy feeling growing in your stomach. It gets so bad that by the time Roger wakes up, nearly twenty minutes after you, you’re almost shaking from the nerves. You open your mouth to speak, but Roger doesn’t give you the chance. You forget all your worries, almost everything, from the second that Roger’s lips touch yours. You blink a few times when he pulls back, but you can’t find any words to say.

Roger smiles softly and runs a hand down your cheek.

You shiver.

Roger smiles at you again and pulls you against him.

You falter a little and pull back.

Roger gives you a quizzical look.

You can’t work out what to say so you just kiss Roger again.

Roger moans into the kiss, but pulls back slightly after a few seconds.

You want to complain, but you don’t get the chance.

Roger pushes you back down onto the bed and swings himself over so that he’s on top of you.

You blink again and forget everything that isn’t Roger. You swear you see Roger smirk, but soon you’re so full with ecstasy- the kisses, the touches, the moans- that you can’t remember everything. You swear you even black out for a while because you can’t remember how Roger came to be stroking your face and telling you to breathe. You nod briefly and take a minute or two to catch your breath.

Roger presses a soft kiss to your forehead before climbing out of bed.

You’re lost in bliss for a moment until Roger disappears in the bathroom and your worries start creeping back in. You’re not quite prepared for how much it’s all going to hit you or how quickly so when Roger reappears a minute later, you’re almost having a panic attack.

Roger is at your side in an instant. He takes hold of your hands and does his best to calm you down.

You feel better after a few minutes and lean in towards Roger.

Roger wraps an arm around your shoulders and gently runs a hand up and down your arm.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

You mutter something and sigh heavily, but don’t say ‘no’- you would actually like to talk about this, but you’re still having trouble finding the right words.


You pull back and look at Roger. You open and close your mouth a few times.

“Is this about last night?”

You frown heavily and lower your gaze a little.

“Oh, Rafa.” Roger wraps his arms around you again. “I promised that nothing would change and it hasn’t. It won’t.”

“I… I worry that nothing will work now. I want everything to be like before.”

“You want me to fight with him again?”

“No. I…” You sigh and lean your head against Roger’s chest. “I knew what to do before. I do not know now.”

“It’s not like I really know how to handle this either, but I know that we’re going to be okay.”


“Because nothing could ever change how much I love you. I feel exactly the same way about you as I did yesterday. I still want forever with you.”

You stare at Roger for a moment.

“I want that too.”

“Then what’s to worry about?”

“I… I do not know really. I do not know how to stop.”

Roger is quiet for a minute before replying.

“Maybe you need to talk to him too.”


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